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Photography has already taken me to places I could have never imaged - from the depths of the Black Canyon to the high passes in the Himalayas. When I was first starting out with photography just a few years ago, I found the rush of constant new experiences intoxicating. A camera was my ticket into pursuing adventure. If the shoes were on, the camera was wrung around my neck, capturing moments that portrayed a striking beauty that comes with perseverance through personal struggle, braving the wild elements, and pushing boundaries and limits in the outdoors. Over time, I began challenging myself more - both personally and as a photographer. I quickly learned to rig up rock walls and kayak out into glacier-dominated fjords. I believe that images have the power to inspire and create change. My hope is that through sharing my images others will appreciate the natural beauty that our Earth has to offer, and be inspired to never stop pushing their own limits.   

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Rock & Ice ASCENT, 2019, Issue 257

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