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Found Little Girl

Updated: May 6, 2022

We found what we were looking for

Little girl with the big brown curls

And cutest smile

You’ve been shoved in a photo album

For over 20 years

Collecting dust from your fathers office

And your mothers moving boxes

This weekend I took you back out

I listened to the memory in that 4x6 until I could remember twirling in that lacy white dress

And we cried and we screamed for all the things that once had power over us

And we danced

We danced for all the joy and the peace and the power we never knew we had in us

We danced with all of our friends in the room

There was more love than the sky could encompass

Strangers turned to friends with their heads back, embracing, laughing, shouting with their arms wide open

We found home

Which was always here

In the heart

And now I know

and can never forget

That no matter the story

We’re all the same yet


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