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Meet The Breath

If there’s anything I’ve learned it’s this…

Let go.

Meet yourself where you’re at.

In that, you can meet the around you where it’s at.

Resilient strength is built on solid foundation.

When we play into expectations and demands of doing things better, faster, bigger, whatever it may be we skip over all of those very, very important stabilizer muscles.

Stabilizer moments.

That are there to keep you both grounded and upright. In yoga we use the phrase “root to rise”

Strength is not static. Even in stillness it is fluid.

It needs the full breath,

the water that races up the banks and pulls gulps of shore back with it,

to harness the full range of function.

As humans were naturally afraid of stillness, of immobility, because it mimics death

But periods of immobility, or of stillness are biologically natural

The fight, flight, or freeze response, designed to keep us alive, stems from our older reptilian brain that kicks in before any emotion or rational thought does.

But it’s when our thinking mind, imprinted from all of our experiences and relationships, overrides the completion of our instinctual responses that we can be traumatized.

Trauma is a community problem, even as it manifests at the individual level.

Grief and injury recently brought me to immobility. And thank god for that. In stillness I found the dynamic active existence that is always present inside the body.

Every inhale expanding, lengthening, pressing into tension with curiosity.

Every exhale softening and letting go.

My breath has literally been the biggest tool in my healing process on a physical, emotion, spiritual level.

Trust me I used to think this all sounded woo woo, but shit it’s powerful. And it’s the one thing that is accessible to literally all living, breathing human beings.

Meet the breath. Be with the breath. And everything else will follow.


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