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Mountain Dependency

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Chugach Winter

I know you want to run from the way things are down here I know it looks better, even feels better up there Over there Beyond the ridge

But when you can’t possibly live on the summit… When inevitably, you have to come down… Where are you then?

I know down here the landscape for emotional control feels foreign I know that up there it’s so simple and clear When the breath, the effort, and the line are all your mind has space for I get it. Down here there’s distraction, demanding expectations, treadmills going nowhere, and infinite options that leave little room for contentment in a single step

What if you trust me when I tell you it doesn’t have to be that way What if you trust yourself enough to try There’s a roadmap full of seeds You can choose which ones to water You can’t mess up this process, It’s called life

I promise you The mountains can breathe through you, even when you’re far away

It starts in you, every moment of every day And runs out like a river To paint each landscape into the next

The life out there doesn’t have to be separate from the one here


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