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Rebellion is a cage

Rebellion is just as much of a cage as obedience is.

Both are a reaction to someone else’s way instead of forging your own.

- @glennondoyle Untamed

How fucking true is that.

I’ve spent nearly all of my 20s running.

In pursuit of adventure, adrenaline, the wild, the over there,

always just beyond

I lived out of vehicles for the intentional impermanence

And changed jobs, friends, and states every season

Because fuck stability

Fuck materialism

Fuck our patriarchal culture

Fuck all the systems I didn’t ask to be born into

And fuck anyone and anything that told me who I was supposed to be

Shattered glass

that fits

Along with all the other broken shards

And man that rebellion felt good for awhile


It was always a reaction to someone else’s way.

Last summer when a free woman asked me what I wanted

I fumbled

I had no fucking clue.

But no way in hell was I caged. I was a free ass independent woman.

I had just lost my job, my best friend, my house, and my dog simultaneously.

Something didn’t add up.

Hadn’t I been doing it all right?

Howling into the desert and pissing on glaciers with my two middle finger up.

Yet all that running

Had been lit by the fire of rebellion very early on.

That vision of this wild woman was a fantasy.

And for a very long time I’d been running behind bars

Not getting anywhere

Until I realized I was in a cage

And started taking down every part that kept me enclosed


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