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The Joy Available Within The Discomfort

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Frozen Mountain Lake

Your favorite time of the year is here White magic falling from the sky and igniting giggles all around

You should be here My heart breaks again being unable to move through the mountains this season That’s where I feel you And that where I feel myself The challenging being - to find those things here too

I used to lean into the heat of sandstone canyons While you chased the mountain snow The diversion of landscape made way for miles and wanderings meant for migratory birds

But last year I drove my way up from a drying desert river to the deep mountain forests of north And found myself returning to a rural ski town The first place my roots have ever explored beneath the surface

Maybe I needed to feel the joy through the toe numbing cold that you gushed like a kid about, so that I had time to understand and share those things with you

Maybe, more likely, I needed to understand these things for myself

The joy available within the discomfort


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