Wild Side of Grief

This wild side of grief Is a heart that knows the pain in mine Shares the same stories, the same love, The same loss at the same time.

In this grieving of the same soul You’ve stepped away from the glaciated summit That gave him life and took it

And the reminders, the silence in that room about it all, That speak as loud as the words not said on the long, long fall

This wild side of grief Brought you through the speaker of my phone Strangers becoming friends As we shared those things that cannot be atoned

Now here you are, Having traveled far Along the shore of these gentler waters Searching for the same star.

In the home with a prayer in every wall Among the places and the people, That taught me how to not just survive, But to live and feel it all.

The way you spoke of resonance to my written tongue On your heavy heart Is fuel to my fire That burns at this new start.

While these flames meet the river of forgiveness and letting go I’ll walk beside you, I want you to know.

“When we let our own light shine We unconsciously give others permission to do the same”

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