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Mountain Goat in Mountains


"The cycle was the same: the high and sense of purpose that came when working the season, and a low that followed."

Author looking at a climb

“Showing vulnerability and fear is mistaken as weakness when really it's the most courageous thing to do,” says Garcia. “In the climbing culture there is a focus on proving how strong and powerful you are physically, but emotional vulnerability is lacking. These two should be encouraged together.”

- Marcus Garcia


"Luke could be everything and specifically that one thing that I, or someone else, needed. He could motivate those around him to do their best through his unshakable spirit and humble determination."

Luke Wilhelm belaying a climb

“I realized through working with these individuals that even if, in the moment, we aren’t able to reach for the external things to help us, we can find this internal sanctuary to come back that can help move us forward."

- Kelsey Stoll


Silverton Powerhouse: Community Resiliency Through Art
Summer 2023

“We started out just wanting to create studio spaces and we realize there’s a bigger community need for creative space and collaboration. So it feels like we’ve become inspired to address that need, and the community has really backed us with the vision."

- Anne Chase


I know I’m not alone in placing professional athletes up on a pedestal, longingly imagining their lives spent mastering their craft in beautiful landscapes, going on expensive trips, appearing in films and creating jaw-dropping content.

Baker Boyd ski flip

"To teach her that the most important relationship she would ever have was the one with herself, and that it should be cherished and guarded like those beautiful places in the far away depths of the alpine tundras, glacial lagoons, and sandstone canyons."

Woman hanging out car window

"The conversation of mental health and suicide is one I want to bring out of the shadows and back corners, and to the front and center in towns like ours." He adds, "Ski movie premieres in ski towns is not where you’d expect that and it's in the communities that need it the most."

- Drew Petersen

Copy of Ups & Downs Image_HighRes-8.jpg

"We can only meet others at the depth that we’ve met ourselves, and Colorado’s 2,722 foot deep chasm of the Black Canyon of The Gunnison is one heck of a metaphor for that. It takes ability, willingness and courage to bring yourself to the base of the dark canyon floor and to climb the massive shadowed walls back out."


Advocate For Your Pelvic Health
Summer+Fall 2023

“We're conditioned to be tight in our pelvic bowl, partially because of a toxic sexual culture and a medical system that doesn’t inquire or empower people with their pelvic health."

- Rachel Ohene, OT


Mountain Metalsmith
Summer 2023

“Wearing dangling earrings on the mountain and giving jewelry to the other guides felt like saying it's okay to express yourself and be who you want to be in the mountains and there’s nothing wrong with that."

- Camille Leininger


Jere Friedman: Soul-Centered Coach
Summer+Fall 2023

“You already have the answers that you’re looking for. Sometimes, what you need is just the right questions."

- Jere Friedman

Solstice Concert 12-11-2011.jpg

“I want to make the family legacy proud, to represent what we do through my ciders, and provide the highest quality French and English ciders that can actually be made here.”

Snow Capped Ciders Orchard

"Escalante taught me a very special lesson: to stop. To stop doing and start listening. Its valleys and mesas have been here for millions of years. Though they appear steady and unwavering, they have always been giving way to change, inviting the floods and winds to smooth and reshape their walls and floors without fear of what’s to come."

Hiking in Grand Staircase Escalante
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