"Finding the outdoor guiding community was like discovering a beach of shiny broken shards that fit together perfectly. We noticed common threads among ourselves, and often were the “black sheep” of our families."


"To teach her that the most important relationship she would ever have was the one with herself, and that it should be cherished and guarded like those beautiful places in the far away depths of the alpine tundras, glacial lagoons, and sandstone canyons."

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"Luke could be everything and specifically that one thing that I, or someone else, needed. He could motivate those around him to do their best through his unshakable spirit and humble determination."


"Escalante taught me a very special lesson: to stop. To stop doing and start listening. Its valleys and mesas have been here for millions of years. Though they appear steady and unwavering, they have always been giving way to change, inviting the floods and winds to smooth and reshape their walls and floors without fear of what’s to come."