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We Have No Idea How to Listen

Updated: May 6, 2022

The truth is

We have no fucking idea how to listen to each other anymore

The winds howl louder than our ability to speak and listen to the truths these days.

It’s not intentional.

It’s unawareness.

Nobody wants to be a “bad” parent, partner, teacher, friend, etc.

It’s that’s there’s a lack of knowing how.

We are the product of the generations before us,

and yet we make choices every moment of every day that either perpetuate the victimhood,

or move us to take accountability.

We are less connected and less rhythmic than the generations before us.

And it’s hurting us.

We are isolated and hunched over screens looking for connection, motivation, meaning.

And beautifully and frustratingly and humbly,

Every piece of our culture,

societal construct, every system

has people at the root.

And the most actionable changes start at the root.

With us.

With me and you.

Doing our work

To get back to ourselves


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